About us

Victum's experienced and enthusiastic trainers and consultants respect the company's traditions and cultural features while offering new and motivating methods in the course of creative work.

Today's most successful companies see staff training and development as one of their competitive advantages.

Continuous learning and the development of skills and competencies are more and more encouraged and supported on all levels of the organizations.

Managing a cost-effective, easily accessible, flexible, focused, up-to-date, and business driven training portfolio requires significant investment of time and dedicated resources, sometimes even a full-time training specialist.

International trainer pull

We are lucky to work with outside of Hungary with my collegues in Rotterdam, Sofia, Berlin and London.

Our Mission

Victum was established in 2000 with the aim of developing service and leadership cultures with training, coaching and auxiliary programs in Hungary and Europe.

Our strategy is to establish long term partnership with our clients and running more projects together instead of raising the number of partner organizations.