MiraGe - Diversity

About the project

MIraGE activities aimed at increasing the swift access and integration of third-country nationals in the labour market of their European host countries.
MIraGE was a 3-year project co-funded by the European Union (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund), run by 12 partners from 8 European countries (Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, France, Austria, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary).

Despite the great potential that migrants can represent for European economies, there are some hindering factors that need to be addressed.
In all Members States, some employers see the potential of TCNs and some tend not to engage with foreign labour force on account of a lack of information about their employability, their skills and the legal procedures to recruit them.

At the same time, migrants are not fully aware of the many working opportunities or how to access them that are available for them, especially in terms of self-employment in the new host country.

That's why, in order to increase the access of third-country nationals in European labor markets and promote integration, the MIraGE consortium implemented different actions:
• Mapping of employers' needs and attitudes by carrying out an online survey
• Conducting interviews to explore best practices
• Using the results of the research, creating a handbook for employers and publishing it in 9 EU languages
• Developing two different country specific training programs, both for TCNs and Employers (subscribe!)
• Promoting activities and best practices, creating a promo video and running a social media campaign
• Collecting feedback for the transferability of results.

About the project team

The project is carried out by a multi-stakeholder partnership composed of 9 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), 1 trade-union, 1 vocational education centre and 1 training provider from 8 EU countries.


Here you can read and download publications.

Training Handbook

Best practices in employing TCNs and the Hungarian legal framework

Project programs

In January 2020 we launched two distinct and focused training programs specifically designed to address the training needs of both employers and TCNs. The trainings took place in Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, France, Austria, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary. The full programs is be available both online and offline in Victum!

If you are an Employer

We offer a country-specific training program about the legislation and the administrative procedure for TCN labor integration, the best practices of inclusion, and information on how to strengthen multi-agency cooperation (employers, social partners, state bodies)

Contact us here: Ildiko Simon, Executive Director  ildiko.simon@victum.hu