Development Programs

Research and Development

We have been involved in several European and domestic R&D programs in the following fields:

  • Obsticles and challenges in returning to the labour market for young mothers with small kids
  • Current situation of the youth employment in the mirror of migration
  • Social innovations, social enterpreneurships in Europe - shift towards solidarity economy
  • Research and education programs for SMEs and multinational companies in employing Third National Citizens

Training and Coaching

We have been conducted nearly 120 different training programs in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Sales and communication
  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Effective presentation
  • Conflict management
  • Customer service development
  • and many others.

Organizational Development

Victum conducted several OD process for companies who needed complex picture and solutions. We lead our clients via the following process:

  1. Needs Assesment and Diagnosys: online and focus group discussions
  2. Comprehensive Research and Reporting on target areas development needed
  3. Setting measurable goals and objectives
  4. Implementation of planning strategy, HR, PR, Financial, Marketing and Sales Activities
  5. Implementation of Process Development
  6. Measuring results and Reporting

Training Programs

Training programs

  1. Basic and Advanced Leadership Skills Training
  2. Delegation, Motivation, Evaluation and Decision Making on the basis of Situational Leadership
  3. Personal obstacles in leading people
  4. Team Building for leaders

Intercultural Awareness Programs

  1. Intercultural Negotiation and Communication
  2. Managing Hungarians/local people - Working with Expats
  3. Team building for intercultural staff
  4. Intercultural communication programs
  5. Intercultural training and coaching for foreign commissions

Developing personal effectiveness - "Salad Bar"

  1. Developing Communication Skills
  2. Developing Presentation Skills
  3. Developing Conflict Management Skills
  4. Developing Problem solving Skills
  5. Developing Decision making Skills
  6. Developing Creativity
  7. Developing Facilitation skills
  8. Developing Sales Skills

Personal development in Sales, Negotiation and Presentation

  1. Basic Presentation Skills
  2. Advanced Presentation Skills
  3. Developing Basic and Advanced Sales Skills
  4. How to negotiate in both Hungarian and multicultural business environment?

Customer Servic,  Customer Relations

  1. Basic and Advanced Customer Service Skills
  2. Analysing Customer Compliances by applying a scientific method and training program
  3. Complex Customer Feedback System
  4. Planning and Reviewing Customer Protocol and Procedures
  5. Customer Relations Management with Sales

Team Building

  1. Team Building - just for fun
  2. Team Building- for longer impact

Training of Trainers

  1. ToT for internal trainers
  2. ToT for internal teachers and coaches